Rawan StylingThere are many factors in life which unite women from all walks of life, however there is one feeling above all others which we have all felt at some point in our lives, the feeling of low self-esteem. I began RAWAN Personal Styling in May 2013, with one main aim: to help women be the best of themselves, and to empower them with confidence. This is why our primary focus at RAWAN is to instill this feeling back into the lives of women through rebuilding and reigniting their love for their wardrobes and for themselves.

RAWAN puts your lifestyle, personality, needs and desires as the foremost priority. Your wardrobe should resemble you, and enable you to enter a room with confidence, poise, elegance and self-assurance. Every woman deserves an individual style, which we can often easily lose in this fast paced fashion industry.

RAWAN appreciates and honors the uniqueness of every woman. Whatever your budget, our ability to find and put together outfit ensembles is second to none, and you are guaranteed to leave your styling session feeling inspired to unleash your inner fashionista. Gone will be the days of waking up feeling frustrated and uninspired about your wardrobe of thrown together items from an amalgamation of trends.

If there is something we are all guilty of doing as women, it is our reluctance to ask for help. We are renowned for struggling on our own or hiding away from the root of our problems due to embarrassment or fear, and I have first-hand experience of this feeling. As a child of Arabic origin, and growing up in Oxford, I always felt like an outsider and shyed away from being ‘different’. So, at the age of 12, I decided to change my birth name from Rawan to Roxie, in hope that this would create a different first impression. Now looking back on this experience I realize that this decision came from a lack of self-esteem and this is why I decided to name my business RAWAN. In reality, I was my first client.

RAWAN works on a belief that to be the best, you must feel your best, and our stylists work with this ethos at the forefront of everything we do. I am truly proud of the journeys we share with our clients and I am intent on building back the confidence of women through the power of their wardrobes for many years to come.