Baar & Bass: London’s Hottest Boutique

September 20, 2014

The Baar & Bass boutique, located on the King’s Road in London, had it’s official launch last week, and I was so excited to attend as it’s one of my favourite stores in London. Owned by the beautiful Maddie Chesterton who personally picks every item sold in the shop, Baar and Bass is made to feel like a home away from home so that the whole shopping experience is a luxury. With stunning furnishings, and an incredible ecelectic choice of designers, Baar and Bass offer an incredibly cool selection of clothes, home ware and accessories. In fact, everything you see in the store, from the lamps to the sofas, are for sale.


Donna Air at Baar and Bass Launch

The launch party itself was bustling with Chelsea’s finest; Donna Air, Chelsea Davy and boyfriend Charles Goode, Martha Ward and Marissa Montgomery were all in attendance. I left the event with my new favourite jumper from the brand backed by Karl Lagerfeld himself, Mua Mua. The ‘I Don’t Give a Chic’ jumper was just the perfect statement post-fashion week madness, and it comes complete with the now infamous miniature Karl doll’s.


RF4A4207Check out the store online here to see their unique collection.

Roxie Nafousi x


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