Beauty Product of the Week: Super Elixir

August 17, 2015

When Elle “The Body” Macphearson releases a product that she says is the reason for her enviable shape aged 51 we can probably assume that I’m going to try it in a bid to have some of what she’s got. I’ve heard so much about this ‘miracle’ green powder (containing 45 key ingredients!) for a while now, but never got round to trying it because I was put off by the fact that most people claimed they take it by adding it to their smoothies in the morning – I am not a morning smoothie maker. It’s messy, time consuming and generally speaking I prefer to eat my calories than drink them. I also assumed that taking it with just water would be unpalatable – but after trying it at a friends house, to my surprise, I realised it actually tasted quite nice. To me, it has a subtle apple flavour and reminds me of those sour apple Chewits that I used to be obsessed with. So, I figured I could add it to my daily routine and that was a start, but what does it actually do?

Well, the main benefit (from what I can gather) is that the powder contains alkalising greens. Dr. Laubscher (who created the product) says: “OUR MODERN LIFESTYLE CAN UPSET THE BODY’S HEALTHY PH BALANCE WITH MANY OF US BEING TOO ACIDIC CAUSING MANY HEALTH ISSUES BIG AND SMALL. I WANTED ONE SIMPLE ALL-IN-ONE SUPPLEMENT WITH HIGHLY ABSORBABLE NUTRIENTS TO HELP THE BODY STAY ALKALINE.”  The benefits of keeping our bodies in an alkaline state are: more youthful skin, better sleep, improved digestion, fewer colds, increased mental functioning and A LOT more energy. In addition to general wellness, I have known a lot of people that have lost significant amounts of weight on an alkaline diet, where they only eat alkaline foods for a period of time – so, instead of getting a list of all the foods you can’t eat, adding this powder morning and night to your diet could be the key we’ve been looking for to shift those extra pounds.

I have gone through phases of being a supplement fanatic (I’m a FAD whore, I’ve come to admit) and it really is just expensive and boring, so to be able to ditch all those vitamin bottles in my house and make space for just this one gorgeously packaged product is pretty refreshing. Have I felt a difference? Definitely. I’ve felt a massive shift in the weight around my hip and thigh area, which I absolutely hate and never shut up about, and I do feel generally better and happier. I’m constantly fighting my urges to binge eat and drink on a day to day basis with a desire for a more  balanced lifestyle; healthy eating and regular exercise, and the Super Elixir is the perfect addition to help me achieve my goals.

The Super Elixir have also just bought out a Nourishing Protein, which I mix with almond milk in the morning and it honestly tastes SO good I would drink it even if it has no goodness in it whatsoever. The benefits? Maintaining your blood sugar levels (important for weight loss, and helps fight off sugar cravings), keeps you full until lunch time, contains vitamin B which helps to reduce stress, and increases your metabolism thanks to the digestive enzymes they contain.

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The Super Elixir

Nourishing Protein Powder

Let me know what you think!

Lots of Love

Roxie xx

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  • Reply India October 3, 2015 at 6:53 pm

    Hi Roxie – I love your blog! How long does the super elixir last do you think?
    Love India x

    • RAWAN
      Reply RAWAN October 4, 2015 at 7:10 am

      Thanks India!! The big pot will last you a couple of months I think! Let me know how you get on! 🙂 love Roxie x

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