My Go-To Breakfast Spots in London

August 25, 2015

Breakfast – without doubt my favourite meal of the day. Mainly because it’s the only time you can have desert as a main course but I also just find that going out for breakfast feels like a real luxury; it feels so Sex and The City. It’s the perfect time to have a good gossip with a girlfriend, or to go and relax on your own – take your book, your iPod, and people watch between bites of French Toast and freshly squeezed orange juice. I also reckon that breakfasts or brunches make the PERFECT weekend date – if you like the person then your day is wide open for it to continue for hours, and if you don’t then you can easily make your excuse for a lunch plan you have with your mother.

London is FILLED with great restaurants for breakfast, but here are my favourites:

1) Granger & Co.

I am OBSESSED with this Australian eatery. The setting is just perfect: bright, spacious, beautiful flowers on the counters, and the food is something else. Their best dishes are their souffle-style scrambled eggs on sourdough and their Ricotta pancakes. I strongly recommend going with a friend who will do a half and half share of these two dishes! You can’t book so get there early or expect ques, but it’s definitely worth the wait. It’s also family friendly so perfect for a Sunday brunch with your kids too.


2) The Good Life Eatery

The Good Life is one of my favourite places for breakfast, lunch and dinner when I’m on a health kick. My favourite breakfast choices from here are the Acai Bowl (a delicious and healthy granola with banana, kiwi and bee pollen) and the Skinny Royale (like an Eggs Royale but healthier!) The portions are big and you won’t leave hungry.

3) Dean Street Townhouse

I love all the Soho House establishments; their food is always consistently good and the meals are hearty, British food. They aways have great coffee, which is an important part of any breakfast for me, and the juices are always fresh. I recommend this place for an organic full English, or going for their infamous Eggs Benedict.


4) Hally’s

I enjoyed a delicious breakfast here with two of my best friends, Millie Mackintosh and Rosie Fortescue. We each ordered something different: For me: Avocado on sourdough toast with chilli, lemon & rocket, For Rosie: Smoked salmon on rye with cream cheese, avocado, capers & lemon, For Millie: Chorizo, coriander & red onion omelette with watercress & toast. There is also a gorgeous selection of pastries and the most homemade banana bread is the best I’ve tasted!


5) The Diner

The Diner is a classic American dining experience in London. Located all over the city this a hang-over cure if ever I saw one. Forget your  diets for this one and indulge in some pancakes with maple syrup and bacon (for the proper American way) or berries and butter if that tickles your fancy.


6) Tanya’s Cafe

Raw Food restaurant Tanya’s Cafe is perfect for those wanting nothing but vitamins and protein. I love their guilt-free crepes and ‘RawTella Un-Toast’ (soft raisin bread with cacao hazelnut spread served with coconut yogurt). Plus they serve coconut water straight from the coconut which makes me feel like I’m on holiday – kind of.


Lots of Love x Roxie x

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