Cru Kafe: The New Organic Coffee Pod

May 8, 2015

I love café culture and would happily go out to get a barista brew every morning. There’s something about the smell of coffee grounds and the busy clatter of a kitchen that just sets my creativity flowing. But as much as I love it, the fact of the matter is that some days you’re hankering for a caffeine buzz and there’s no time to stroll down to your favourite local spot. So, on most days we get out our instant coffee pot from the cupboard and make a sad looking cup of coffee in our favourite mug. 

 Luckily, for those of us who are unlikely to become experts in steam wands at latte art anytime soon, there are coffee pods! Nespresso machines have exploded in popularity over the past few years with the simplicity of their signature ‘pod’. All you need to do is pop it in the machine, press a button, and you have café style coffee in the time it takes to make an instant. I’ve been using them for a few years now and am totally bored of them, so when I came across CRU Kafe I was pretty excited to say the least. CRU Kafe is the organic coffee alternative which can fit directly into your Nespresso machine.  

The CRU mission is to create a ‘kinder coffee pod’. After founder, Bodil Blain found her friend trying to stuff high quality coffee grounds into an empty, used Nespresso pod, she realised how obvious the gap in the market was– not only did busy individuals want the convenience and ease of the pod machine, but the artisanship and mindfulness of café ground coffeeThe CRU ethos is simple: combine the highest quality organic grounds with an ethical approach to business and recyclable packaging that will fit right into your Nespresso machine. Bringing her idea first to a small group of friends, the CRU team hasexpanded to a diverse hub of sales and creatives united by theirpassion for coffee.

 CRU use 100% Arabica beans to ensure a delicious and complex flavour. (Arabica are high altitude beans, grown 2000 ft. above sea level and are what you’ll find in your cafe crafted cup whereas low altituderobusta beans are generally what you find in instant granules.) So, it tastes heavenly and it’s equally as saintly with 100% organic, 100% fair trade beans. CRU coffee pods are also recyclable, with the teamworking towards a biodegradable capsule to help further reduce landfill. Sign up for a subscription today you’ll get a free 12-day taster pack, and if you don’t love it (even though I know you will) you can cancel any time.

 To top it off, they even deliver everything directly to your front door. It couldn’t be simpler. Couldn’t you use a little afternoon pick me up?

 Lots of love, Roxie xx

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