Dungaree Dreams and Market Heaven

August 10, 2015

It was so sunny in London this weekend and as I’m trying not to drink so much at the moment in a bid to get in shape for my best friends wedding next weekend, I didn’t spend the day hungover in bed, I actually made the most of what London had to offer. I decided to head to East London and check out some of the markets I have been meaning to go to for months. I started on Saturday with a trip to Borough Market – one of the city’s best and most infamous food markets. It was like a sense explosion – my taste buds were on high alert, everything smelt incredible and they were more colours than I knew existed. I tried all the best cheeses, bought some fresh, organic meat from The Ginger Pig to cook that evening and sipped on refreshing ice teas. It was such a nice day out and a perfect place to go if you are looking for niche foods, spices from around the world that aren’t available in your local super market or just want to the chance to challenge your taste buds with something new. On Sunday, I went down to Brick Lane where me and the bride-to-be got our hands on some fresh coconuts and the BEST desert I have ever tasted: Churros (Spanish Donuts) filled with caramel. Unbelievable. We then strolled down to Spitafields market where we browsed the clothes stalls and went into a great shop called Tiger, which is one of those cheap and cheerful stores filled with things that you don’t really need but are so cute you can’t resist buying. Two mugs, an old fashioned alarm clock, some playing cards and some heart shaped sunglasses was the way my trip went down. So, if your at a loose end this weekend then I really recommend checking out these markets!


I recycled the same outfit for both days because, well, it’s just easier that way sometimes. I don’t know why I don’t wear dungarees more often, they are so comfortable and the front pouch should be a necessity in all outfits – it’s the perfect storage solution for my phone and my money. I think more than anything, I love the way I feel in dungarees – it does make you feel so young and it brings out a different side of you, more playful and relaxed. You just can’t be mad or even so much as frown at someone when your stood there looking like a seven year old. Word of Warning: be careful when you take them down and forget what’s in there only to be reminded by hearing them crashing down on the floor and then realising you smashed your screen.

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