Endosphere: Firm, Lift and Tighten

November 11, 2017

I recently got asked to try out an Endosphere treatment and I was initially sceptical about it. I’d seen it on social media posted by various celebs but I thought, “there is no quick fix to weight loss, firming or anything like that”, and I assumed it was just another FAD. But I decided to give it a go – why not?

I went in to see Pietro (check it out here), this fabulous Italian man who oozed so much energy that I felt immediately lifted just being in his company! He then showed me the machine he would be using to perform the treatment and he explained he would press into my legs (the area I want to work on) to firm, lift, shift fat and remove cellulite. But how does it work I hear you ask? Well, it works in a few different ways – firstly it works on the lympathic system, helping to drain excess fluid, a problem we can often get as women! It also has a microvibration that is applied to the area, which makes the muscles actively resist, so basically it ‘works’ the muscle as if you were in an intense gym session (but reaching the muscles you can’ always get to in your usual workouts) and this gives the toning and firming affect.

After he did one leg he let me see the difference and I was actually shocked. The thigh he had worked on was flatter, my bum really was higher and it generally felt much firmer. It was clear the results were immediate! I went out the next night for Halloween in a short skirt and I actually didn’t hate my legs for once! It was an amazing feeling to finally feel confident in the area I’ve always hated the most about myself! Was this really all down to Endosphere?

Pietro told me, this isn’t some miracle magic wand that can make you slimmer without you doing anything (I agreed, if it was, then I’m sure everyone would do it!). Being in the best shape you can be involves dedication to a healthier lifestyle, through your diet and exercise. However, the Endosphere can help you with the stubborn bits that you just can’t seem to get at in the gym and then it’s up to you to maintain the results! I really loved it from just one session and I would definitely recommend it in conjunction with a healthy diet and lots of exercise!


Lots of Love, Roxie xx

(N.B Image provided by Endosphere – this is not me in the picture) 

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