Beauty Product of the Week: Estée Lauder

August 10, 2015

A year ago, I used to think of Estée Lauder as being a brand for older women, and I wouldn’t have thought about buying their products. Now, I am transformed. There are so many products from their collections that I wanted to choose for today’s post, including their Modern Muse perfume which is my go-to fragrance at the moment, their Bronze Goddess which is the only bronzer I use, and their divine lipstick collections. For me though, the best products they have are their Perfectionist Foundation and the Advanced Night Repair Serum. See it all here

The Foundation: This Youth-Infusing product is the perfect base for flawless looking skin all day. I found out recently that Estée Lauder used the be the go-to foundation for air hostesses who had to stay looking picture perfect on long-haul flights, which is why their products have such amazing staying power. I love the Perfectionist because its not too heavy, and the tones are natural meaning you are not left with that awful orange glow. The silky texture means that even close up your skin looks clear and smooth and you don’t get those annoying and unsightly foundation lines that let the world know just how much make up you are actually wearing. It also contains an SPF meaning your skin is protected throughout the day, saving you from fine lines and wrinkles later down the line. Love, love, love.


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The Serum: I had been recommended this product by a few friends and was really excited to try it. I always like to try a product every day for a week before I make any judgements, but this product only need three days before I start seeing a difference in my skin. My skin looked much smoother, and my foundation sat far better on my face giving me a more clear and even complexion. I definitely felt more confident without make up on than I had done before. The product claims to purify your skin while you sleep, and undo all the damage done to it during the day and I can totally believe them when they say this. It’s not a cheap product but a little goes a long way; you only need a small amount to cover your whole face and I really do believe that when it comes to your skin, your money is well invested in products with ingredients that you can trust to nourish and protect you.


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Lots of Love

Roxie xx

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