Roxie’s Top 7 Exercise Classes in London

September 21, 2014

I have always believed that weight loss is 70% what you eat, and 30% exerciseExercise without a healthy diet is rendered totally obsolete. A clean, healthy body can only be achieved and maintained when you’re eating clean and healthy too. To borrow a phrase from Pilates guru, Cassie Ho – muscles are made in the gym and revealed in the kitchen, so don’t ruin your workout by eating junk. But exercise is vital for mental well-being, sweating out those toxins and toning your body to give you that pert bottom, strong arms, and muscle definition in those abs.

The most important factor when considering your fitness is doing something active that you enjoy, be it long hikes or spinning. Mixing up your fitness is also key to avoid your body getting to used to one thing. With such a vast and diverse amount of classes in London, we should utilise what we are so lucky to have, and try as many things as we can till we find what suits ours bodies best. Personally, I enjoy a mix of resistance/circuit training, boxing, yoga, dynamic pilates and barre corre. It may sound like a lot to get through but I focus mainly on yoga and boxing, and do the other classes once a week.

Here are my top 7 exercise classes in London:

1) Epoch Fitness

Using pilates reformer machines, this dynamic class in Fitrovia, gives you a full beach body work out that gets you into a real sweat. This is my favourite class because I feel like every part of my body is worked equally, and I always notice the difference the next day. It also helps that Dmitri, the class instructor, is GORGEOUS – that’s a real motivation.

2) HeartCore

The HeartCore centres in Chelsea, Fulham, Notting Hill and Hampstead offer High Intensity TRX, Dynamic Reformer and Barre classes. The classes are challenging so expect to feel a burn!

3) Barry’s Bootcamp

Ah, the infamous Barry’s Bootcamp with a huge celeb following is not for the faint hearted. Consisting of 30 mins on the treadmill and 30 minutes of floor excersizes you are said to burn around 1000 calories per class. In a dimly lit room with blaring music to keep you energised you come out smiling, and drenched in sweat.

4) Triyoga

The Triyoga centres (Notting Hill, Chelsea, Primrose Hill and Soho) excels in that it provides such a wide range of yoga classes for any style and any level, and every teacher is incredibly experienced. My favourite classes are Ashtanga to get the heart racing, Iyengar Yoga for posture and alignment, and Hot Yoga to sweat out those toxins. They also have a great cafe with healthy, delicious, post-work out fuel.

5) Paola’s Body Barre 

A full body workout mixing up ballet moves, pilates and TRX. Paola is a highly in-demand celebrity personal trainer but her classes inFulham are a must-go.

6) Matt Robert’s Personal Training

Best known for training royalty (K-Middy) the personal training gym at Matt Roberts is perfect if your looking for one-to-one focus. I love going there at least once a week to focus on specific areas, rather than doing a full body class. I train mostly at the Chelsea studio with Tony who is also trained in boxing so I get my gloves on and release some stress while building up my cardio and and strengthening my core and arms.

7) PowerTone PowerPlate Studios

This is ideal for those wanting to do classes in their lunch break, or who are short for time. These quick 30 minute classes consist of body resistance exercises taken place on a power plate machine (that one which vibrates like mad) giving you a full body work out in half the time.

Roxie Nafousi x

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