December 7, 2015

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to Geneu flagship store in the heart of Mayfair to have my Skin DNA tested! It was a simple mouth swab which they took from me and inserted into some very fancy looking machinery and in 30 minutes they were able to analyse my two key skin-ageing genes: the first one shows how quickly/slowly you break down collagen, and the second tests how able you are to are to fight off free radicals (which are basically the naughty things that we get exposed to from pollution, some foods, smoking, etc. that make our skin age!). While I was waiting for my results, they asked various questions about my lifestyle so that they could use those answers, along with my DNA results to create my personal skin profile. Once my skin profile was created, I was given a personally-presciber dual action serum. These two unique serums use the highest quality active ingredients at the right concentrations to help slow down the affects of ageing.

The first serum is a GENOTYPE ANTIOXIDANT AOX which is designed to enhance your natural antioxidant levels. The serum is lightweight, quickly absorbed and leaves skin feeling instantly hydrated. The second serum is a GENOTYPE COLLAGEN COL designed for enhancing your natural collagen levels. Through an effective blend of peptides, collagen and vitamins A and C, the formula works to provide youthful-looking skin, increased luminosity  leaving your skin feeling intensively nourished and instantly glowing. The two personalised serums that you receive are inserted into a super slick case which has a unique airless pump system so that no bacteria or dirt can get into them. The serums can also be used on the eye area which is such a bonus as it means when you travel, you can simply take this gorgeous compact case with you without having to load up on different bottles and eye creams, leaving you with more room in your suitcase for an extra pair of shoes! GENEU also offer complimentary engraving which I think is such a cute touch.

I’m about to start using the serums and I’m told within two weeks I will notice my skin becoming brighter and more hydrated, and within two months fine lines disappearing. Even though I’m only 25, I think now is a perfect time to start looking into anti-ageing products and preventives to keep my skin looking youthful as I get older, especially as living in London means my skin is being constantly faced with pollution! I can’t wait to see the results and will be sharing them with you soon!

With Christmas around the corner, GENEU is also offering a wide range of gift options to cater for absolutely everyone!

Check them out here

Lots of Love, Roxie xx

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