His Birthday

April 3, 2017

So this weekend was my boyfriend’s birthday and it’s a time of year I always struggle with! Buying presents for your boyfriend/husband can be SO hard – they don’t tend to go around dropping unsubtle hints for us like “oh my God babe I’d just loveeee that aftershave, shame it’s on the pricey side”. Well at least my boyfriend certainly doesn’t, he just continuously tells me he doesn’t want anything – which is sweet, but frustrating when I want to spoil him! I figured lots of us girls might be in the same boat, so I’ve created a men’s gift guide of some things I’ve found are a fail-safe great gift for guys!!


I adore all Tom Ford beauty products and it’s always a pretty good feeling when you unwrap something and see the Tom Ford logo staring back at you! I also think that for men it is especially nice; the packaging is masculine and luxurious. The Neroli Portifino is so popular with guys – it also smells amazing on girls too which means we can use it too 🙂 I put in the body oil and deodorant stick too!

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You really can’t go wrong with Ray-Ban, always timeless and effortlessly cool. A perfect gift with summer just around the corner! Plus, as with the Tom Ford, we can get use out of it too – so everyone is happy! I bought mine from David Clulow who have an amazing selection of sunnies.

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I am OBSESSED with Mon Purse bags. They are SO elegant and beautiful and I love that they have no logo on them, just the option to be personalised with your own initials/name – that is so rare for any bag (I’m particularly in love with their bucket bags by the way!). But anway back to the boys: I recently found out they do men’s wash bags and I think they are just so gorgeous and such an easy and fail-safe gift for any guy. Their laptop cases would also make a great gift too! If you’re in London you can get them personalised there and then at Selfridges.

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I introduced my other half to the Clinique men’s range during our trip to Marrakech with the Clinique team last year and he’s loved it ever since. I use their stuff A LOT (especially their moisturisers) and am a huge fan of their skincare so it’s a perfect fit having both the mens and womens’ on our bathroom shelves! I would say the Men’s Face Scrub and the Maximum Hydrator are two of the best products for men.

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I’d love to hear how you get on with your present buying! Just tag me in your pics and I’ll check it out!

Lots of Love, Roxie xx

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