How to Handle The Heatwave

July 15, 2013

Well who’d have thought it? England has been hit with glorious sunshine, and its not a two-day stint like most years – it has in fact decided to grace us with it’s presence for the WHOLE month. So, what do we all do? Strip off of course. Being British, we certainly know how to appreciate the sun like no other country. Our pub gardens are filled, every garden has a BBQ going, and the lidos and beaches are packed so we are all stood like penguins.

Then, we suddenly realize, obviously we are not equipped for this?! What do we do?! Well here is a quick fix answer to how to look and feel great this summer.


P20 is absolute MUST HAVE – available in SPF 10, 15, 20, 30 and 50 it is the king (and queen) of suncreams.

With a once a day application, it truly keeps you protected all day without having to worry about reapplying, or more importantly, sweating off your protection!

The smell of the lotion has, admittedly, not got that gorgeous summer smell of Nivea, but aside that P20 is fantastic.



A believer that things you use for your body, shouldn’t be used for your face, I recommend using the Soltan Face Moisturizing Suncare Cream SPF 15, 30, 50+. Designed specially for use on your face it doesn’t create excess oil, and has a silky feel to it.

Although Soltan do a Once A Day version, make sure you keep reapplying on your face – you don’t want to be going into the office on Monday looking like a lobster.

Soltan Face


Maybe a cliché, and something you hear time and time again, but keeping hydrated is absolutely essential. Firstly, being in this heat means we are perspiring more which means its absolutely vital to replenish that lost water! Secondly, lets be honest, who doesn’t love cold beer or an icy G&T in the sun? In fact, what is it about good weather that’s make us all feel like afternoon drink is, ‘err, totally normal’, and that NOT drinking a PIMMs on a sunny day is like wearing socks with sandals!?

Well, while this is all good and well, (don’t we all deserve a break and some fun after months of the bitter cold and 24 hours of grey cloud over the country we call home?) lets not forget our poor bodies! Remember, we are made up 70% of water and so keeping hydrated means keeping those headaches at bay, feeling more energetic, and feeding our skin with vitality.

So remember, drinking alcohol and sweating means we are going to be low on water so now is when we all need to be extra careful to give ourselves a big delicious pint of, yes you guessed it, H2o (water)! If you find it hard to remember to drink water, keep an Evian sports bottle in your bag, or at your desk and just keep sipping.

PS. The more water you drink – the less severe your hangover might feel the next day!


Ok, so obviously none of have thought to buy new bikinis yet – our summer holiday isn’t due and since when did you need one in the city anyway?

But this year, things have changed, and we need to head straight down to the high street to get something fantastic and that you will feel proud of while you strut down that pool, beach, or garden terrace.

PRINTs are totally in this season, and bikini prints are even bigger this year. Say good bye to your one colour bikini (ok well just for now) and say hello to the bright, fun and trendy bikinis in this year.

Some particular favourites are H&M, Zimmermann and Mara Hoffamn (pictures below)


Zimmermann Bikini


Mara Hoffman Bikini


Many of us women have real trouble with our bellies. No matter how much excersize we do – it just seems to sit there, as stubborn as a 5 year girl in a sweetie shop.

So, the thought of getting into a bikini may be intimidating, in which case I would recommend trying high waisted bikinis.

While still being sexy, and showing off everyone’s smallest part of their body (their waist) it covers the part we may not like quite so much.

Wildfox do a great range! Check them out on

WildFox High Waisted

Similarly, when bikinis are off, and the evening festivities begin – try a pleated midi skirt. Absolutely perfect for anyone feeling a bit bloated, or who don’t feel confident getting there legs out in tiny hot pants.

Zara do a great range – they are cool, elegant and can be dressed down with a t-shirt or vest and sandals, or dressed up with a blouse, some long chain necklaces, and heels.

zara skirt


Wearing foundation when its weather like this can be a big mistake. You arrive at work, having stood on the tube crushed by people, sweating like mad, and feeling totally flustered and you look in the mirror and think “what the hell happened?!”

A great alternative to foundation is tinted moisturer. It is much lighter than foundation, which creates a more natural finish, and won’t give you that ‘rubbed off’ and ‘messy’ look which you can get when foundation gets a bit sweaty!

I particulary love and highly recommend the Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Second Face which has SPF in it. This product, is absolutely perfect for the summer. It creates a totally matte and silky finish which feels beautiful on the skin. It looks natural, protects your face, and lasts all day.

They also have blushers in the same range.

Giorgio Armani

 Happy Heatwave!


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