My Istanbul Style Diary

July 25, 2015

This week I went to Istanbul in Turkey for the first time. It was so nice to get out of the hecticness of the city and spend a week with my family and my three gorgeous nieces who are so adorable and full of energy that you just forget about all your silly stresses.

I chose to take the opportunity to go T-Total for the week. I find that in London it seems that drinking is just so hard to avoid, and my energy levels were so low as a result and I arrived with my skin looking tired and haggard. After just 7 days eating clean, and avoiding all alcohol, I feel like a totally new woman, and am on the path to getting into shape for my best friends wedding next month! It has definitely incentivised me to drink less when I get back; that one glass of wine over dinner just isn’t worth the bloating, the extra calories, or the tiredness.

Istanbul was beautiful, with stunning mosques, and bazaars full of things you don’t need but love to buy just because you’re on holiday, and the food in every restaurant is delicious. When it came to eating, it was definitely a case of ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’, on the outside they looked like rundown eateries, but the local food was so full of flavour,  tasted sooo good and the staff in every place we went were unbelievably sweet and polite. Turkish people seem to be very nice!

As I was on a holiday in the Middle East, I decided it wasn’t appropriate to step out in my usual holiday get-up, tiny denim shorts and a cropped t-shirt. So I decided to put together some outfits that were culture appropriate but still summery, comfortable and on trend. Here are some of my holiday looks as well as a couple of my favourite bikinis.


I LOVE jumpsuits, they are so comfortable and they can always be dressed down and up depending on your shoes and accessories, making it a perfect option if your headed from day to night. I found this one on sale from New Look, which I rolled up at the bottom to show my ankles (a trick I always find makes you look a little more elongated), and paired it with my absolute favourite summer shoes of all time: these Solilas sandals are so comfy you can literally walk for hours! I also love that they come with a platform giving you some extra height. I added this gorgeous Melissa Odabash hat that I got from Simply Beach to complete the look and give a chic, glamorous finish.

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New Look Jumpsuit

Melissa Odobash Hat

Solilas Sandals


I used to think leopard print was just quite tacky, and then about two years ago I realised it was the complete opposite, if worn in the right way. Subtlety is key with animal print, which is why I love having it in my accessories; weather its a belt, bag or shoes. It’s a trend that really never goes out of fashion, its always there even if it’s just lingering in the background. So when I found this bikini on the Simply Beach website I had to get it straight away.

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Aguaclara Bikini


I think I’m a bit behind on the dungarees trend but never mind. I have had these dungarees for a few months but never had the guts to wear them. I have put them on a few times and just thought “hmmm, I do like it but I definitely can’t pull it off” and part me felt they made me look either like a five-year old girl, or a farmer in the deep south of America; all I needed now was a straw in my mouth. But as I was away with my family I felt that I could give it a try without feeling embarrassed and I think as a result I have developed an unhealthy obsession and can’t take them off. This is basically my new go-to outfit. I teamed mine with a plain white vest, but it also works well with sweaters, and cropped t shirts.

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Dunagrees: Pepe Jeans

Finest Seven Sunglasses


You can’t beat a good skirt. For me, it hides my hips and thighs, my “problem areas” as we like to call them, and I also think they give that chic Parisian look, elegant and sexy at the same time. I adore this one from Dubai brand Mochi, it’s so simple but with gorgeous lace detailing. I picked out the red from the embroidery and matched it with a red bikini, and again completed the look with my new favourite hat.

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Mochi Skirt

River Island Bikini

Melissa Odobash Hat


This summer, sporty swimwear has become super on-trend, and I am a massive fan. Cropped-Tee style bikini tops and high waisted bottoms are a big winner, and halter swimsuits are super flattering. I loved wearing this one from Sumarie, and it has a stunning cross-back which makes it a piece that looks great on the beach from every angle. I completed the Sports Luxe look with these Finest Seven reflective sunglasses, which are a new big hit since Victoria Beckham released her range of them (check them out here). Also see one of my favourite sports swimsuits from Net-A-Porter here.

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Finest Seven Sunglasses (coming soon)

Sumarie Swimsuit (coming soon)


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