Jo Malone’s Incredible Charity Gardens

October 25, 2017

As most of you may know by now, I am a proud ambassador of the Mental Health Foundation and is it a topic that is incredibly close to my heart, and really drives me in everything that I do. Helping people with their mental health is my main passion, whether that is by simply talking about my own experiences to make just one person feel less alone in their struggles, giving people advice on the latest beauty and wellness trends to give themselves a confidence boost, or speaking about the importance of health and nutrition for a healthy mind. What I discovered this week was an amazing new addition in my quest for bringing awareness and help to those with mental health problems.

Jo Malone London, already one of my favourite brands thanks to its divine scented candles, gorgeous branding and British heritage, also supports people living with mental ill health through their very own gardens, which is at the heart of their charity work. Jo Malone London partners with a select charity for each garden, and each charity has a set of ‘trainees’ who cultivate and care for the therapeutic scented gardens! These trainees are people who are suffering from mental ill health, homelessness or addiction and by working on these gardens and caring for these gardens they receive garden qualifications through the gardens trainee programme, paving a path for long-term employments. There are also many therapeutic benefits for these individuals, giving them a sense of well-being, purpose and community where they can find a safe haven to be a part of. One trainee gardner said “Struggling to get up is now a thing of the past. The peaceful environment in the garden is very therapeutic and gives me the opportunity to take a moment and reflect on the past two years. I realise it is really good to be alive.”

I think this is such a beautiful cause and I loved going to visit The Quiet Garden in Notting Hill (of which St. Mungo’s is the charity partner). We can all help to support the gardens too! Every time we buy one of Jo Malone’s two charity candles, ?Iris & Lady Moore Charity Home Candle and the much-loved Peony & Moss Charity Home Candle, ?a donation equal to 75% of the retail price will go directly to our charity partners

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Jo Malone London, I salute you!

Lots of Love, Roxie

Other Gardens

The Old English Garden, Battersea Park London with THRIVE Charity

Redhall Walled Garden, Edinburgh with SAMH (Scotting Association for Mental Health)

The Kirkdale Country Garden, Liverpool with Rotunda Charity

Castle Park Physic Garden, Bristol with St. Mungo’s Charity

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