Lauren Regan

June 20, 2013

“RAWAN has re-invented my wardrobe and my confidence, and this is the reason I continue to use RAWAN styling again and again.


Lauren is a lifestyle blogger ( who is constantly out and about exploring the wonders of the city of London, and travelling through Europe giving her readers an insight into all things wacky, fashionable and edible. Visiting so many places, she has been inspired but many different trends and came to RAWAN to help her find the style that best portrayed her vibrant personality, enabling her to feel beautiful yet comfortable wherever she goes.

Body Hang Ups

I’ve always had a complex about my wide shoulders. People always ask if I’m a swimmer which drives me mad so it’s important for me to balance out my small hips. RAWAN styling has taught me how to do this with fuller skirted dresses and peplum styles. I also love the emphasis RAWAN puts on mixing up designer classics with high street.

How does RAWAN styling makes you feel?

RAWAN styling really understands the importance of making a woman feel current whilst highlighting her femininity and personality. I travel a lot and
RAWAN styling ensures I arrive looking, but more importantly feeling my best.

Here are some pics of my styling for Lauren Regan:
Lauren Regan

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