Leticia Haute Coiffure: London’s 24/7 Salon

August 14, 2014

Believe it or not, Chiltern Street in Marylebone has more to it than just the Firehouse. Leticia Haute Coiffure, located down the road from London’s hot spot is a bespoke hair and beauty salon, which I got to test out last week.

Walking into the salon I was greeted by Creative Director and Co-Founder Pierre Doumit, who has won too many awards to mention, and his gorgeous dog Firecracker Jack (or just Jack for short as I was informed), literally lit up the salon with his puppy dog eyes. I was about to have a massage, eyebrow threading, and blow-dry so we started with the later.


The Massage: Pierre has trained in Thailand, and been a masseuse for 17 years and has a unique style of massage which he believes focuses on the individual tensions in each persons body, rather than a choreographed massage which is the same for every person. I definitely felt him getting into those nightmare knots in my shoulders that are giving me this god-awful ‘coat-hanger’ look. I felt completely energerised after and woke up the next day feeling much looser. The oil that was used was Black Seed Oil, which is packed with vitamins and has been used to remedy skin conditions for centuries. While it is fantastic for the skin it does have an acquired smell, so I advise you ask to smell it first and if you don’t like it you can use one of their Elemis products instead.

Eyebrow Threading:  With the resurgence of the ‘Power Brow’ and constant magazines churning out articles on the different types of eyebrows and which celebrities have ‘thin/thick/arched/straight’ I figured having good eyebrows is becoming more important to us women than it once was. So I surrendered my eyebrows to Pierre and all I can say is that they look the best they ever have. I was surprised just what a difference it made to my face, however subtle the difference seemed to be. It was also the least painful threading experience I’ve had, much to my delight, and a week later I still haven’t got a single hair growing back. He also gave me a great tip to apply some olive oil on my eyebrows before bed to help promote hair growth in a frustrating ‘patchy’ area or my eyebrow that has decided to go bald prematurely. I don’t think I will be letting anyone but Pierre touch my eyebrows again.

The 15-Minute Blow Dry: I was told that Pierre is famous for his super-speedy 15-minute blow dries that last days. I was skeptical, and having rather long hair I know it takes most hairdressers at least 45 minutes to get my hair looking somewhat tame. But, true to his word, in 15 minute my hair was transformed from a frizzy mess to smooth and sleek using no clips, and no product. I am definitely a fan, and with September around the corner and the fashion week making a return, fast and fabulous blow dries are exactly what we need.

Pierre Doumit

The salon was established in 2010 by Pierre and Laetitia Doumit. Their desire was to bring the best in hair care, combining it with a beauty over-haul for the body and fashion styling in one location – the heart of Marylebone – able to satisfy the demanding schedule of the modern woman. For the super busy, most demanding customers, the salon offers out of hours, 24/7 service at the salon, hotel or home.

Leticia Haute Coiffure 59/61 Chiltern Street London W1U 6NG

Roxie Nafousi x

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