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November 23, 2017

The Christmas party season is about to get into full swing and I’m so excited! It’s an opportunity to get out our favourite dresses that we bought last year but never found the occasion for, to try out all the new make up we bought and only used twice in the last month, and to really feel our absolute best! Hello red lipstick, little black dresses and of course, all the cocktails.

With this in mind, it’s important that we both PREP and PROTECT our skin! We need to prep it so it looks glowing for all our selfies and we need to protect it from the chronic dehydration that it can suffer in winter from both the constant indoor heating, the cold and yup, the endless wine. What better way to do this? Treat yourself to a facial of course! I really do believe that facials are absolutely key to a good skincare regime, alongside a good at home route, to ensure you keep your skin looking radiant, healthy and youthful.

There are SO many different facials out there and I’ve tried a lot of them over the years. Some I LOVED (I’ll tell you about these now) and some have bought me out in rashes or not really changed my skin much and some have made me totally break out. I often hear people break out in spots after facials and people will say, “oh spots are a good sign, it means your skin is clearing out”. This might be true but personally I don’t really buy it. A really good facial should leave you feeling glowing. If you’re breaking out, your skin might have simply not reacted well with those particular products so you should maybe try somewhere new next time! So I wanted to share my favourite facials that I think will be the best use of your time and money!

  1. Egyptian Resurfacing Facial at Harrods Welless Clinic with Dr. David Jack

 For me, this 30 minute facial is probably the best facial I’ve had. Located in the absolutely stunning new Harrod’s wellness clinic, Dr. David Jack (who is also renowed for his cosmetic work) cleanses your face, applies a light peel and then uses what looks like a scalpal blade across your face to remove the top layer of dead skin cells. This is known as ‘dermaplaning’ and is totally painless (it looks scarier than it actually is) and you can actually even see all your facial hair that you didn’t know you had being totally removed. A mask is then applied to your face for approximately 10 minutes, followed by a serum and then you’re all done! There was no downtime, the slight redness had gone within the hour and I could see the results immediately.

I honestly cannot describe how incredible your skin looks afterwards and how soft it feels to touch. I literally felt like I had a brand new face! Make up also sits so much more flawlessly and you can say a complete goodbye to that winter face. I will definitely be doing this every 6 weeks – I’m OBSESSED!

Best For: Skin Texture, Skin Tone, Radiance and Glow! 10/10!

  1. Sisley at Claridges

Could you imagine anywhere more Christmassy to be in London? Going for a facial at Claridges is just the most amazing experience. Enter the grand lobby and see the stunning Christmas tree (this year it’s designed by Karl Largefeld) and then get the old-school lift with shutters, a sofa and a lovely man to escort you up to the 6th floor.

This was actually one of the first facials I ever had when I was 21! I used to have really bad skin, I suffered from such bad breakouts and my skin was really oily and I struggled to find products that I didn’t react badly to. This facial changed everything for me and then Sisley became the brand that first got me into skincare and on my skin transformation journey! I went for a facial there again last month and it was just as good as I remembered. I felt incredible relaxed on their super comfy heated bed and had a lovely glow afterwards. As it is not a super intense facial, there is little/no downtime so you can head straight out after!

Best For: A relaxing and indulgent experience just before your big night out!

  1. PRP Facial with Dr. Rabia at Grace Belgravia

 Most of us have seen the pictures of Kim Kardashian having a facial with blood all over her face after what is sometimes know as the ‘vampire facial’. She swears by it for flawless skin and well, if Kim K recommends it, I had to try it!

I met Dr. Rabia at the prestigious and gorgeous women’s only members club in Chelsea and by looking at her own absolutely flawless skin, I knew immediately this was someone I fully trusted! The facial, actually known as a PRP facial is done by taking some of your blood which is then put in a special machine to be centrifuged so that the plasma seperates from the blood.

Dr Rabia then uses a derma roller (a roller with tiny needles all over it) on your face (after allowing the numbing cream to take effect) which basically opens all your pores so that the plasma can then be placed all over your skin. This derma rolling is what is supposed to leave blood on your skin, or thats what social media would have you believe, but in reality you don’t see any blood! The plasma that has been pressed into your skin regenerates your collagen for youthful skin! You leave this plasma on your face for at least 3 hours and try to leave it overnight if you can (you can’t see it but it makes your skin feel tight).

I can’t quite explain just how shiny my skin felt afterwards. My forehead was luminous and I got a lot of comments from people asking what I had done! For at least 2 weeks following I felt so so radiant and I definitely feel like my skin is more plump having done a couple of these treatments now. It’s amazing how much better you feel when you skin glows 🙂

  1. Pigmentation Facial at HC MedSpa

As I had bad skin when I was younger I have quite a few scars on face and some sun damage has left a few dark spots so I was really keen to try and work on this pigmentation and HC MedSpa had been recommended to me!

I had my treatment with Rabbia Aslam, Clinical Director of HC MedSpa. Rabbia studied my skin to analyse my concerns to pinpoint issues more specifically. After a thorough examination using a lamp and magnifier, Rabbia began the Circadia Raspberry Enzyme treatment; a deep cleanse followed by the Professional Enzyme treatment with steam. The enzyme product gets to work on lightening the pigmentation; Raspberry seed extract reduces the surface appearance of pigmentation, whilst the enzyme breaks down and digests the dead skin cells, leaving clearer and brighter skin.

A gentle extraction to remove any impurities follows (this is the bit I love, as afterwards my face is totally clear of blocked pores) and then a hydrating mask was applied. At the same time you get a relaxing massage across the shoulders and up the back of the neck, massaging the face – releasing tension from around my eyes and pressure points across the forehead, at the same time stimulating micro circulation in the face. Needless to say I fell asleep! A Vitamin C serum was applied to finish the treatment.

Best For: Pigmentation, pollution damage and evening out your complexion so you can rock the no make-up look with confidence!

  1. The House of Elemis

Elemis is the brand used in so many spas and hotels so it’s not surprise that their own “House of Elemis” offers amazing treatments. Their massages and facials are both fab but I particularly love their ‘penthouse’ for the ultimate girls day out. Two beds are located on opposite sides of the room and are partially closed for privacy (but you could still chat to each other if you wanted!) and in between is a sofa and table for post facial champagne and nibbles! It’s located right next to the Victoria’s Secret store too – so you can incorporate some shopping into the perfect girlie day!

I tried the Anti-Blemish Mattify and Calm facial as I was going through a bit of a breakout around my jawline (hormonal apparently) and I was feeling my skin was a bit oily from the central heating (a shiny face when you’ve got a full face of make up is nobody’s friend!). I loved the results and felt my skin was much calmer after!

Best For: A girls day out, to calm, detoxify and balance the skin

  1. 111 Cryofacial at Harvey Nichols

As my friends will know, one thing I’m always going on about is having a ‘puffy face’. When I’m tired or I’ve had just one drink of alcohol, I notice that my face looks so puffy the next day! That’s why I was so excited when I was told about the 111 Cryofacial at Harvey Nichols!

Cryotherapy itself is a full body experience where you go into a freezing cold chamber (-80 degrees to be precise) for 3 minutes. It is amazing for toning, circulation, anti-ageing and generally just giving you a serious wake up!! I’ve tried it before and loved it, and the facial uses the same principles.

By applying -30 degree cold air to your face, your blood vessels constrict so that when you then return to the warm a rush of blood goes to your face giving you that post-gym glow! It also stimulates collagen having an anti-ageing effect and your skin feels much tighter!

Best For: De-Puffing, Tightening, Anti-Ageing and a new and different experience!

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