Millie Mackintosh

July 13, 2013

I love the way RAWAN put things together, making you feel relaxed and cool with a ladylike feel and sexy twist!


Millie Mackintosh is a make up artist, self-confessed beauty fanatic, and fashionista whose blog and style diary is read by thousands every single day. On top of this, she even owns her own range of eyelashes (Millie’s Lashes)! Always up to date with the latest trends, and travelling up and down the country, going to festivals and jetting across Europe, Millie is spotted wherever she goes dressed to perfection. It is no wonder Millie has so many fans taking inspiration from what she wears – and she wears it so well too! RAWAN definitely has a fashion crush on this lady, and styling her is always a pleasure.


Body Hang Ups

Oh my hips definitely! I’ve always had a thing about them and no amount of exercise changes that! RAWAN’s Personal Styling team always takes that into account when dressing me, so I always feel comfortable about my body hang ups.

How does RAWAN styling makes you feel?

I always feel sexy and sophisticated, like my best possible self. I love it when RAWAN puts together outfits that I think “wow I’d never have thought to put that with that” and it works! Personal Shopping with RAWAN’s Stylists is my favourite thing to do though because she finds amazing pieces I would never even notice!

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