My Hair Secret: Moroccan Oil

May 16, 2016

When I was 12 years old I made a huge mistake. I had started a new school and all the girls there had these short little pony tails and I thought they looked much cooler than my hair, which at the time almost reached the bottom of my back. So, taking matters into my own hands, I asked my friend Daisy to cut it off. We tied my hair up into a high pony and she literally just chopped it off; as you can imagine this didn’t really work out the way I have envisaged and I can honestly say I still regret this now! I then made matters worse by dying it every shade imaginable (I was a peroxide blonde for about a week – another BIG ERROR) and my hair was just a mess. It had split ends to the roots and refused to grow. I tried clip-in extensions, which I could never match to my hair colour (they couldn’t have looked less natural if I tried) and basically spent 6 years yearning for a new head of hair.

Then I discovered Moroccanoil

Moroccan Oil

I started using it when I was about 19, coating my hair in their Moroccanoil Treatment every day and going for a trim every 6-8 weeks. Within 2 years I had completely transformed my hair and my look. I am literally forever grateful to this product! I still use it all the time because constant blow drying is so damaging for our hair and its so important to keep it conditioned. I use a pea size amount of their Moroccan Oil Treatment to the ends of my hair every other day and once a week I cover my whole hair in it before bed and wash it out in the morning. I’m also obsessed with their shampoo and conditioner because they smell absolutely divine!

I recently met the Global Ambassador for Moroccanoil backstage at the Temperley Show during fashion week and I fell in love. Antonio Corral Calero is one of the most gorgeous, charismatic people in the industry and he oozes cool. The looks he created for the various shows over LFW were sensational and it just made me fall in love with Moroccanoil even more! Check out his Instagram here.

While I’m on the subject of hair can I also just give a shout out here to GHD who saved my teenage years – without them I would have spent years looking like I’d just come off the set of Saved By The Bell with permed frizzy hair!

Lots of Love, Roxie xx

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  • Reply Jessica Rose May 16, 2016 at 6:57 pm

    Hello Roxie, I just wondered if this product is good for people with fine hair but a lot of fine hair?? Your hair looks so luscious and thick. I have a story actually. My hair use to flow all the way down my back but I caught nits so rather than treat them my mum took me to the hairdressers who gave me a very very short boys cut. I wouldn’t stop crying. Having said that when I went back to school a boy asked if I wanted to go out with him. I was ten and I had no idea what that meant or what I was supposed to do….innocence!

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