In The Alps with Peak Health

September 11, 2017

Two weeks ago I went to Saas-Fee, Switzerland for a week with Peak Health where we hiked, exercised, did a lot of downward-dogging (yoga), and ate delicious and nutritious food.

When I arrived, I was really feeling pretty gross to be honest. Summer totally took its toll on me thanks to way too many Aperol Spritz, and a decision to totally forget about healthy eating and instead indulge in all things beige (pizza/pasta/bread)! The result? I felt sluggish, tired, unmotivated and my self-esteem was seriously low. I seem to do this thing every summer where I go “I don’t care about being healthy and in shape, I want to enjoy life and have whatever I want! * hair flick *” Unfortunately that joy is short lived and I always regret it. You really are what you eat! For me, if I eat sh*t, I feel like sh*t.

I think it was only when I arrived, got into my gym kit and looked in the mirror that I really started to feel apprehensive about how long it would take to start feeling myself again and regretful about how I’d treated my body over the last few months. However, I was VERY excited to get going and so happy to be there with the Peak Health team who I knew would set me in the right direction.

The schedule each day was as follows: Activation, Breakfast, Hike, Lunch, Circuits, Yoga and Meditation, Dinner, Nutritional Talk


Each morning we did a 30 minute activation which involved stretching and moving to open up our bodies after sleep and activating our bodies so we were ready for the hikes. I absolutely loved the activation because even if I went down feeling really sleepy, I left feeling so energised and awake. It’s something that I definitely want to continue doing back home as it’s quick, easy, a great start to the day and really helps to prevent injuries when you exercise later.


The hikes are definitely Peak Health’s USP, climbing mountains each day was an unbelievable experience. Each day we took on a different mountain (led by SUPERWOMAN and Olympian Lyndsi) and gradually got higher each day so that our bodies could acclimatise to the altitude. I’m not going to lie, I found the hikes pretty tough. Having not done any exercise for a while, my fitness wasn’t at it’s best so I did find them hard, especially at 2000m high! Having said that, they were also incredibly beautiful, calming and challenging in a good way! When we returned back to the hotel each day I felt a real sense of achievement and mental clarity. I also thought to myself, ‘wow I’ve climbed a mountain by 11am’ so back in London maybe I should start thinking about how much more I can achieve before 11am ?! On the last day we got to experience the most amazing hike of them all: hiking along ice glaciers!! I genuinely felt like I was in a movie, it was just stunning and as someone who is scared of heights, I could not believe I was actually doing it!!


At 4pm each day there was an optional circuits class, which I loved. A great strengthening class mixed with some cardio to get our butts pert, abs strong and arms toned!


I LOVE yoga and the yoga at Peak Health was amazing, each day we opened our bodies, calmed our minds and lengthened our limbs! It was a great class that was perfect for anyone, from beginners to intermediate. I really noticed my flexibility increase a lot over the week and I think that this, along with the morning activation was the reason why I suffered very, very little muscle soreness despite the amount of physical activity we were doing! Britney’s (our yoga guru) voice was also verging on hypnotic, it was so soothing and made the yoga even more relaxing.

The Food

OMG were we spoiled with delicious food! The menu was designed by the amazing nutritionist Jennifer Hannway and was created by The Capra’s chef Erik. It was free from gluten, refined sugar, and dairy. We also abstained from red meat as we were on the Super Elixir alkalising week! Every meal was absolutely incredible, the presentation was insane and it was just proof that healthy and nutritional food doesn’t need to be at the expense of deliciousness!

The Hotel

The Capraa was definitely the most luxurious hotel I’ve ever stayed at during a retreat. It was truly beautiful, both cosy and modern and the rooms were gorgeous and spacious. We each had huge baths, insanely comfortable beds, English TV, and large balconies. The staff were also ridiculously sweet and so helpful and I just loved being there! There is also an incredible spa with a gorgeous heated indoor pool, a stunning sauna and steam room and treatment rooms for massages/facials/etc. What more could you want in one place?!

By the end of the week, I felt fitter and stronger, my skin improved a lot and had a glow to it and I felt worlds better mentally. I would say this isn’t a fat loss camp (there wasn’t a noticeable drop in weight) but is amazing for improving fitness, toning your body, cutting out bad food (and booze), learning A LOT about health and nutrition throughout the week and giving you the tools to really make long-lasting changes. I also think this would be a great retreat for men because the food portions would definitely satisfy men as well as woman, and the focus is on exercise and fitness. I think this would be a perfect retreat for couples! If I’d done anything differently I would have done some work outs in the lead up to going on the retreat so that I could have made even more of the hikes!

Special thanks to The Capraa hotel, Andrea (the creator of Peak Health), Lyndsy (for putting us through our paces!), Jennifer (for the amazing food and sharing her wisdom with us) and Britney (for sending us into world of relaxation). Miss you all already!!!!

Lots of Love, Roxie xx

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