Plenish Cleanse: The Ultimate Detox

September 30, 2013

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the benefit of juice diets and juice cleanses: where you abstain from food, and have all your vegetables and super-foods blended together for you to drink as you go. A-List celebrities from Jenifer Aniston, Miranda Kerr and Salma Hayek are all avid promoters of juicing, becoming walking adverts of the benefits that come from drinking your greens! We are told that the benefits include glowing skin, elevated energy, weight loss and balance hormones. Sounds appealing, right? But the thought of replacing solid food for liquids can seem incredibly daunting, and with so many FADs coming and going, how can we be sure it does what it says on the bottle?! Furthermore, the idea of getting out your juicer and having to go through the effort of hours of peeling, chopping, juicing and cleaning can be quite a turn off.


Plenish Cleanse was bought to the UK by Kara Rosen, who had previously worked for over a decade at top magazines such as Conde Naste, Men’s Vogue, and People. Having been used to an abundance of healthy, organic juices in New York and struggling to find any in the UK she started decided to make one herself. “Working with a talented nutritionist, Kara established the right balance of phytonutrients and protein in order to gently rid the body of toxins, and maintain the energy levels” and so Plenish Cleanse was born.

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So what happens on your cleanse? Here is Roxie Nafousi, owner of RAWAN, tells you her experience on the juice fast, and her tips for you when you take the challenge on for yourself:

Making the Leap:

After a long summer which saw me indulging in regular binges, over eating and consuming more alcohol than is recommended, I knew my body was in need of an overhaul. I was beginning to feel very lethargic (I was waking up, and feeling like I could have slept for hours more yet!), I felt incredibly bloated and my confidence took a dip. I had heard about the Plenish Cleanse from a friend, and rather than being just a diet – this was a real detox, a way to clear my system and give it a well deserved break. I decided to do the full 5-day cleanse, and chose the Level 2: Clarity Cleanse, which is for people who “want a deep cleanse, but are not quite ready for the full (green) monty”.

The Night Before:

I had received pre-cleanse e-mails from the Plenish Cleanse team which advice you on how to prepare you body; this includes cutting out everything we hate to love: caffeine, alcohol, sugar, processed food, etc. So, when the delivery arrived of my 18 juices (you receive only the first 3 days worth to make sure your juices are always fresh) I was feeling excited and ready. With the juices was also a gorgeous complimentary Bliss gift bag, which included a scrub, moisturizer and a 20% off treatments card – perfect if you want to compliment your cleanse with treatments to help enhance your experience (I recommend Bliss spa’s Deep Sea Detox or Fat Girls Scrub!).


Day 1:

I found the first day relatively easy, I think the excitement for the new you keeps you motivated and I’m sure I was still full from the previous weeks of over-eating. I got a small headache towards the end of the day but I slept it off. Personally, I am not a fan of vegetable juices so I found the taste hard to stomach at the beginning, but by the end of the day I was getting used to it!

Day 2:

I felt lighter already, and someone commented on my eyes looking whiter – which was a good sign! The hunger began to creep in around my usual mid-afternoon snacking time, but quickly subsided. I also found a new found passion for herbal tea – and how delicious they can be!

Day 3+4:

Being over half way is a great feeling and I really began to notice my energy levels increasing, I was waking up earlier and noticed I had lost a kilo already! However, being around other people who were eating was becoming a struggle, and although I was not actually feeling particularly hungry, I did find it boring. To overcome this, I started cooking for everyone around me – I still got the enjoyment of doing something related to food, I just didn’t get to eat it at the end. It may seem crazy to some people, but it certainly worked for me!


Day 5

I found the last day the hardest because I did start to feel hungry, and it was a Sunday (usually my binge day) and the people around me were eating the most delicious looking and smelling Sunday roast I have ever come across! But with the end so near I felt determined and excited, and fought through my cravings. I slept like a baby, and felt like I had accomplished something mentally and physically.

The Results:

I could not have been happier with the results of the Plenish Cleanse.
I felt totally rejuvenated, my energy levels had soared, my skin was absolutely glowing and I lost a stubborn 2.5kg! It was like a miracle. After the cleanse was over I was inspired to eat more healthy, easing my way back into solid food sensibly, and my relationship with food had been a much better one. You become more aware, I think, of what you are putting in your body and you cleanse it in such a way. I am definitely going to be making this a regular addition to my life style.

My Top 5 Tips:

1) ABSTAIN from caffeine for at least 3 days before – a caffeine withdrawal headache is terrible, and just not worth it. It will make your experience unpleasant!
2) Drink as much water as possible to help flush out and your toxins and keep you hydrated.
3) Treat yourself to some spa treatments – not only is it a good distraction from food, it is important to reward and pamper yourself during this time.
4) Get an early night – sleep is key to regeneration, especially during a detox. “Beauty Sleep” is fact not fiction!
5) Try YOGI TEA – they have a wide range of delicious flavors and with various functions, helping your body and taste buds

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