Poppy Jamie

June 20, 2013

“RAWAN styling helps you feel stylish inside and out and my confidence levels haven’t ever been so high. Thank you RAWAN styling again for making me feel wonderful!”


Poppy Jamie is an ITV2 presenter and ITN’s entertainment reporter who interviews the biggest celebrities in the world, from Hollywood Heroes to Music Legends and Fashion Icons. Being in the showbiz industry, Poppy is attending the most glamourous parties, movie premiers and concerts every week mixing with the A-List, meaning Poppy always needs to look on trend and feel her best.


Body Hang Ups

I hate my stomach.! No matter how much excersize I do, my stomach muscles are nowhere to be seen. One day I hope to find them but in the meantime RAWAN styling helps me conceal any signs of kangaroo pouches!

How does RAWAN styling makes you feel?

RAWAN styling makes me feel very confident and especially when I’m interviewing at high profile events with beautiful women left right and centre, it’s so important to feel sassy. Before RAWAN styling I was wearing some shocking outfits that I thought were “fashionable” and actually did nothing for me!! I don’t have the best body in the world but RAWAN styling helps you feel like you do!

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