LVL Lashes

December 9, 2013

If you are constantly applying false eyelashes or paying a monthly trip to your beauty therapist to replace your fallen-out eyelash extensions, read on to discover how RAWAN has found the perfect solution to all your eyelash problems.

An innovative and a naturally enhancing technology called LVL, which has taken the world by storm since it arrived on the eyelash scene, and now that we have seen for ourselves how visibly lifted and longer our eyelashes are after this treatment, we will be ditching the glue and the lengthy eyelash extension process in favour for LVL lashes.

So what is this new eyelash treatment I hear you say? LVL simply stands for Length, Volume and Lift, and it is a 45-60 minute treatment that lengthens, straightens and tints your natural eyelashes using a gel formulation, which leaves you with wide-eyed and visibly enhanced eyelashes. Unlike harsh perming techniques which curl the lash inwards, and as a result, can cause damage to your natural eyelashes over a period of time, this damage can be spared by using the LVL technique. It also uses silicon shields instead of the uncomfortable rods used in perming, which make the whole experience far more comfortable.

lvl 2

However, there is no denying the fact that false eyelashes add impact and glamour to your evening look, so if you need more persuasion than our word for you to convert to the LVL way, then listen to the voice of celebrity make-up artist Lisa Eldridge, whose client list includes Liz Hurley, Cameron Diaz and Kate Moss. Lisa recommends LVL lashes for enhancing both the brightness and alertness of your eyes, without a flick of mascara needed.

As well as the abundance of Christmas parties, which LVL lashes are perfect for, Christmas is also a time spent visiting relatives and spending some much needed downtime with your family. The beauty of this treatment means that you can achieve your wide-eyed look easily, and ensures that you’ll have gorgeous eyes all day long while dressed in your pyjamas in your Christmas holiday snaps.


LVL lashes may be perfect for women who are addicted to their false eyelashes or eyelash extensions, but they are also ideal for those with very straight long lashes which are hard to curl, or if you have a fair complexion with delicate eyelashes as an LVL treatment will darken your eyelashes and define the eye.

This is why the LVL lash treatment has quickly become a household favourite of RAWAN’s, and you can easily see why. No messy or unsightly adhesives are used, it involves no harmful perming technique, and there isn’t a fake lash in sight! It is also friendly to your bank balance with treatments stating at £45.

Luckily for all your LVL eyelash needs, there are many LVL technicians based throughout the UK, but for all of our Londoners, RAWAN recommends:

Anesis spa
0207 6271500

Michaeljohn Salon and Medispa
0207 6296 969

Jivansu Beauty Spa

Trust us, you’ll be ditching your fake lashes from your make-up routine as soon as you see the results that can be achieved with your natural lashes with LVL!

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