Rufflr: Your Online Wardrobe

July 15, 2013

Social networks have impacted everyone’s lives in a variety of ways. From checking a style icon’s new outfit on Instagram to discovering quirky accessories on Pinterest, as women, we’re now relying more and more on the web for our style inspiration.

We’re hooked on e-commerce, with the full spectrum of fashion available in the comfort of our own homes, whether it’s Armani or Oxfam we’re seeking. Buying clothes and accessories online gives you the privacy and flexibility to try styles, colours and sizes at home ensuring a hassle free, perfect fit. But remembering where you saw that cute top  weeks ago on a forgettably-named website can make selecting and shopping online a real challenge.

Fortunately, help is now at hand in the form of the latest online destination for stylish women. Rufflr aims to help you collect your favourite fashion in one place. Easy to sign up and to use, the site marries style picks with shopping, giving you the opportunity to create your own wardrobe online. With the ability to love, own or want, Rufflr makes it easy to craft your perfect wardrobe, keep track of your purchases or show off your favourite picks from this season. Take inspiration from other ‘Rufflrs’ or download their Rufflr It Button and bookmark clothes and accessories as you find them on the web.


As a stylist, I take constant  inspiration from an array of people and places. What I’ve found really useful with Rufflr is that I’ve been able to get my thoughts and ideas out to my clients in a quick and visual way – not only do I upload photos I’ve taken on my travels that will be of interest to my clients, I’m also able to recommend items to them. We’re all constantly pondering how we look and feel, and I know from my clients’ needs that it’s not done by appointment; being able to keep in contact with my clients in an interactive way means that I’m able to give a really current and personal service;

I’ve also uncovered an unexpected benefit of Rufflr for Rawan’s Gift Concierge clients.  After hearing how a client’s husband gave thoughtful yet somewhat inappropriate presents, I used Rufflr as a personal gift registry. I’ve set up a private wardrobe with a range of handbags, necklaces, watches, shoes and clothes that I know she’ll love; when a special occasion nears, her partner simply logs in and selects a gift, ensuring she gets a beautiful item she’ll enjoy, still with the element of surprise that makes giving and receiving gifts so much fun.  A win for both of them and a great way to use the site. Why not use it to hint to your boyfriend or be as direct as my client and ensure you get exactly what you want!

With magazines such as Vogue and Elle using the service, it’s clear it’s not just me and my clients who love the concept of keeping all of our fashion finds in one place. There is so much inspiration on the site, I’d recommend taking a look whatever your style or budget.

I recently met up with Philippa from Rufflr for a really fun interview. Click on the link to  read more about my style and visit to follow me and to start your own online wardrobe:



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