SEMPLE Magazine meets RAWAN

November 7, 2013

This month, the online magazine, Semple, celebrated their 3rd Anniversary and in their Issue IV, they interviewed RAWAN’s Roxie Nafousi. Semple and Roxie discussed the role of Personal Stylist’s today, and what the future held for styling, and for women in fashion. 

The Unsung Hero, Meet The Face Behind RAWAN Styling:

There are many things in life which I take for granted, my health, my family, and being financially secure. However, it wasn’t until speaking with Roxie Nafousi, creator and owner of RAWAN, her personal styling business, that I realised there was something else which I take for granted every day.

Confidence, the feeling of self assurance, is diminishing amongst women. Faced with images from the media of idealised perfection on a daily basis, we only have to step out of our front doors to be met with scrutiny based on these unrealistic ideals. These delusional representations teamed with our fast paced fashion industry, which unveils a new trend each week, is causing women to lose their identities due to their haphazard wardrobes which are filled with items from an abundance of dierent trends.

This is why the role of the Stylist in today’s fashion industry is more prevalent and more important in today’s society than ever before. They are no longer confined to magazines or hidden behind the scenes of a photoshoot, only for their name to appear in the bottom depths of the contributors page. Today, stylists are performing a role similar to that of counsellors and psychologists, they are transforming the inner selves of ordinary people and turning lives around through reinventing wardrobes…

Read the Full Article, written by Hattie Lee, Here: Semple Magazine Issue IV, RAWAN

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