Skinade: The Secret to Perfect Skin

July 21, 2014

Having good skin is something we all aspire to have. It is a reflection of ourselves, the first thing people notice when they see us, and it shouts out how you feel on the inside. If your tired, or you’ve been unhealthy through too much eating, drinking, or partying, it shows. On the contrary, when you’ve been living clean and rested well, you will notice just how many people will say to you, “wow, you look so fresh” or “your skin looks glowing”. Your skin simply doesn’t lie. In addition, what some people don’t know is that skin is the largest organ in the world, so taking care of it is absolutely vital to our well-being. It’s one of the reasons we are told to drink enough water, so as to keep our skin hydrated, and why using SPF is absolutely essential to protect us from cell damag.

Recently, however, scienctists have found that using products on our skin, which includes all our daily skincare regimes from exfoliating, toning and moisturising, is not the only way to repair, protect and promote healthy cell growth. Now, ‘beauty from within’ has seen an emergence of products which can be consumed to give us great skin from the inside. In short, we can now drink our moisturiser. So, when I discovered Skinade I was incredibly excited. Skinade is a scientifically formulated collagen drink that repairs and strengthens skin from the inside for younger, healthier and brighter looking skin on the outside. Skinade’s unique patent-pending formula also promotes stronger hair and nails and many consumers report improvements in certain skin conditions. The Skinade drink is best consumed every morning after breakfast, and it tastes delicious so you don’t need to worry about trying to ‘stomach it’, like some other healthy concoctions we are used to.


Drinking Skinade triggers the body’s own natural collagen production by stimulating the proliferation of fibroblasts – the cells responsible for new collagen regeneration and playing a critical role in wound healing. This dual action makes Skinade a highly effective skincare solution. Effectively, it returns your body to a younger state of collagen production, resulting in a visibly more youthful appearance. It’s no wonder Skinade already has a celebrity following; Millie Mackintosh, Melissa Odabash, Lucy Watson and Abbey Clancy are advocates of the brand, and I’m hooked too.

After drinking Skinade, and making it part of my beauty regime, I have notice a reduction in  blemishes, my skin feels tighter, looks fresher, and any signs of a late night are severely reduced!


So what can you expect?

o After 4 to 6 days they begin to feel a difference in their skin: It is smoother and more hydrated

o After 10 to 14 days they begin to see a visible difference in their skin: It is more uniform, smoother, radiant and glowing

o Between 2 to 4 weeks skin starts to appear firmer and fuller with a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

o After the 4 to 6 weekly skin-renewal cycle, the improvements continue to build with greater skin elasticity and further reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. 

To start your journey to a healthier looking you, go to the Skinade website

Roxie Nafousi x

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