Solillas: Chic Summer Sandals

May 5, 2015

Summer is only a few steps away. So hopefully over the next few weeks you’re going to ditch the office and head to the beach for some well deserved rest and relaxation. Not only does that mean getting to wave goodbye to your inbox, it also means getting out your summer wardrobe. Now while I love the chance to put on my maxi dresses, denim shorts and cropped tees when it comes to choosing shoes for the sun I always struggle. I, like many people, just really don’t like feet. And while I would love to feel comfortable in a pair of barely-there Valentino studded strappy sandals, I just feel like my toes are way too exposed. So when it’s too hot for pumps, trainers or boots, I’m at a loss and I sit staring at my shoe cupboard for about an hour. 

Thank God, then, for Solillas. The PERFECT pair of sandals to compliment your newly rediscovered open-toe freedom without worrying your bunions are calling to be stared at. 


Ranging between quirky design details to bold block colours, there are Solillas to match every personality. You can choose to wear a pair that suits you perfectly. I love the classic look of the Bohemia model.


This is usually the biggest let down with sandals. They either destroy your feet or are destroyed themselves before you’ve seen the season out. Solillas are made from the highest quality leather sourced from Italy and Spain, and made with traditional craftsmanship techniques that mean you get a strong and flexible shoe. The soft leather will mould to your foot and extend its lifetime, as well creating an incredibly comfortable sandal.  


Solillas are committed to maintaining traditional techniques and so every pair is made by hand in a family run factory on the smallMenorcan town of Ferreries. This means that every purchase supports the local economy and revives appreciation of this beautiful generational craft.

All you need to do now is book a pedi so that you’re set to stroll along the sands in style. Here are my two favourites:


Look through the design gallery and gets yours here:

Lots of love,

Roxie xx

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