Teeth Whitening (Get Your Discount Here!)

August 17, 2016

Anytime I flick through a magazine I feel like I am bombarded with Hollywood stars and their gleaming white teeth. While they’re smiling from ear to ear accepting awards, shimmying down the red carpet or coming out of the coolest new restaurant, their pearly whites are there staring at me – and God, don’t they just look great?!

I’ve always wanted to get my teeth whitened, Hollywood style, as I think it makes such a huge difference to your whole look! But I always thought that because I don’t live in LA that I wouldn’t stand a chance of finding somewhere in London where I could get them done quite so well. Then I went away with my friend and the first thing I noticed was how amazing and bright his teeth were. I pestered him for the name of where he got them done and he introduced me to the amazing Renata (www.instagram.com/snowhitening) on Harley Street.

I booked an appointment immediately and starting telling everyone how excited I was – but everyone just kept telling me horror stories of staggering pain during the procedure and unbelievably sensitive teeth following the procedure. I almost chickened out but my friend assured me it was going to be fine and I’m so glad I went ahead.

During the appointment, my teeth were thoroughly cleaned first by the hygienist, then a mould was a taken of my teeth (to create trays that you take home after with whitening gels so you can top up the whitening) and then the whitening procedure began using a Zoom light. All in all, it took about 2 hours and I can honestly say I experienced no pain whatsoever. Some people have more sensitive teeth than others so I’m told there can be some sensitivity during the procedure but nothing too drastic! I felt a bit sensitive that evening but after a good brush with some Sensodyne toothpaste I was absolutely fine.

I am SO happy with the results and it’s made me feel so much more confident. I’m also so excited to offer you all a 40% discount if you use the code RN104 when booking!

Lots of Love Roxie xx

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