Tess Ward

September 30, 2013

RAWAN styling is a celebration of women in all forms. RAWAN makes you feel totally comfortable whilst showing you that you on any budget, you can feel a million dollars.


Tess is a caterer, food writer and budding media chef. With a YouTube channel where she teaches us how to cook her delicious dishes, on top of her already hectic schedule where she is writing her cookbook and catering for parties, Tess is on constantly on the move. Tess came to RAWAN with two requirements: a need to help find clothes that are practical and comfortable whilst working; and to help revamp her image when works over, to feel more lady like, elegant and stylish.


What are your Body Hang Ups?

I wish I had more of a bust. Since the likeliness of boobs developing in the near future is unlikely, it has to be up to the clothes to make me feel feminine. RAWAN styling has done an amazing job showing me the different necklines that can work to accentuate and compliment what I do have.

How does RAWAN styling make you feel?

RAWAN styling has been a great help, showing me that beautiful clothing can be also practical and comfortable. I now feel that I am wearing the clothes, as opposed to the clothes wearing me. With any fashion emergency that has arisen RAWAN has been continually reliable, even offering over the phone offering advice when we haven’t been able to meet face to face. This is a company that really cares about it’s clients!

Here are some pics of my styling for Tess Ward:




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