The Chatelles Cinderella Story

November 23, 2013

The feeling of love can affect our minds in all kinds of ways, and as a result, be the motive behind all sorts of behaviour and actions. But for Francois du Chastel, his love for one girl caused him to go one step further in hope of creating his own Cinderella story. He presented her with a pair of slippers he designed which were both embossed with the beautiful words written by the French romantic poet, Victor Hugo.

Je ne demeurer loin de toi plus longtemps – I cannot remain far away from you any longer 

Unfortunately for Hugo there was no fairytale ending, as instead of falling in love with him, the girl fell in love with the shoes, and together they disappeared from Francois’ life altogether. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, because there was still light at the end of the tunnel for this Frenchman, his slippers.

Chatelles Alphonse 2

Instead of reaching for the comfort food like most other people do when faced with this situation, Francois fixed his broken heart through launching his own collection of Parisian slippers. Chatelles was launched in 2012, and last week Roxie was lucky enough to visit one of his flagship stores held in the Paris showroom on her latest trip to the city.

Although the story behind the slippers is enticing enough to make you fall in love with his collection, the quality, design, and their bespoke nature speaks volumes. Each shoe is handmade with Italian leather in a small Portuguese town, and at the forefront of this company are the expert hands of Antonio, who has been making shoes for 49 years.

Purely on style, his collection which consists of 20 different slippers varying in materials, textures and colours have been designed to suit numerous personalities and occasions, which is why they have all been given their own Parisian name. Each pair can also be custom made by adding coloured tassels or your initials placed on the thin rounded top of each slipper, which makes them completely unique to you. RAWAN particularly admires Francois’ use of vibrant colour in his designs, as seen in the emerald green fishcale patterned slipper, Germain, the klein blue slipper called, Honore, and the fresh mint one that goes by the name of Lucien.

Chatelles Honoré Slippers and Neon Yellow Tassels

Each slipper has a timeless essence about it, due to its feminine shape and slim-line fitting. These are all reasons why this collection is much loved by celebrities and our royal Princess, the Duchess of Cambridge, and her sister, Pippa Middleton, who introduced her to the brand. Rumour has it that the Princess lived in her Chatelles through her pregnancy, not only for their style, but for their comfort, as their latex soles make them the perfect footwear for busy women who are always on their feet.

If you’re not planning a trip to Paris anytime soon, as well as being available on Chatelles website to buy, there are two other flagship stores, one in Los Angeles, and the other situated on our very own King’s Road, so you still have time to purchase a pair for someone special in time for Christmas. With this story at the heart of every slipper, it’s hard not to fall head over heels in love with Chatelles slippers, RAWAN certainly has, now it’s your turn.


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