The Hidden Gem Of The Fashion World: Shourouk

November 13, 2013

It is always refreshing when you come across a designer who breaks the mould with their creations, but when you stumble upon someone like Shourouk Rhaiem and her Arabian inspired collection, that emanates femininity, experiments with colour, and sparkles like no other, you cannot help but be transfixed.

All it takes is one glance over her collection to see how she has intertwined all of her life experiences to form such exquisite, unique and luxurious designs. Shourouk cites her travels in India, her Tunisian roots, and her experiences with working alongside crafted designers such as Roberto Cavalli, as her sources of inexhaustible inspiration, and you can see why.


Shourouk has the best of both worlds. As a Parisian, she has an eye for detail, an understanding of elegance and the importance of creating timeless designs, which is reflected in her plentiful use of Swarovski crystals. However, after admitting that French women are reluctant to experiment with colour and style, this is where her Tunisian roots come into play. It is no secret that more women are hiding away from bold colours in favour for simplistic neutrals and pastels, but Sharouk’s bravery with her use of eye-popping colour and experimental fabrics and textures is exemplary. Satin, silk, neon climbing rope, PVC and African wax fabric, have all been used in past creations and it seems like this Parisian has even more plans to extend her range of jewelled embellishments to garments.

Despite only being established in 2007, her brand has attracted the attention from the eccentric personality of Lady Gaga to the sophisticated Michelle Obama, and as the brand evolves, we at RAWAN have no doubt that the followers will keep on coming. There seems to be no item that Shourouk isn’t afraid to embellish, as her Spring/Summer 2013 collection features bejewelled baseball caps, handbags and even more statement jewellery creations. Roxie Nafousi’s favourite Shourouk item is the perspex clutch which is a prime example of how this designer accumulates the modern with traditional ethereal detail.


While the Mia silver-plated earrings showcase Shourouk’s ability to combine coloured multi pastel stones and Swarovski crystals that will be the talking point of any outfit.


We also believe think the Ivana Crystal necklace featuring her much loved crystals is the perfect starting piece for your Shourouk collection as it embodies everything that we admire in Sharouk’s designs.

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Shourouk is going from strength to strength, and having already been named as Swarovski’s designer of choice, and the chosen designer to accessorise Hollywood heroines of Jean Paul Gaultier’s haute couture Fall fashion show in 2009, it comes as no surprise to hear that her collections are now sold in leading boutiques around the world.

Here at RAWAN we can think of no other brand that embraces the festive spirit as much as Shourouk. Adorned with jewels, sparkle and colour, a Shourouk creation is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone wishing to step away from the traditional and overdone Christmas jewellery brands. We thank Shourouk for transporting costume jewellery to the luxury market, for her expressive use of colour and her ability to combine all of her cultural and traveling experiences into her designs.

RAWAN's Client Tess Ward accessories with Shourouk

RAWAN’s Client Tess Ward accessories with Shourouk

The Shourouk collection is available to buy from,, and

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