The Landmark London

September 24, 2017

During London Fashion Week I spent 2 nights at The Landmark London hotel and it was great to have a spot so central (just by Marylebone Station) to stay at while I was rushing around town!

The hotel was gorgeous and grand and when I arrived I had lunch in the main restaurant, which has the most beautiful setting, and the food was absolutely delicious! The rooms were spacious and the beds were so comfortable – always important when you’re staying at a hotel!

In the morning we went down to the spa and I was SO impressed. I am a sauna/steam room addict as I love how refreshed you feel afterwards and I think it is such a good way to sweat out your toxins! But some saunas and steam rooms just aren’t hot or steamy enough! The Landmark London’s, however, were spot on and I felt so rejuvenated afterwards which was actually a surprise as I had woken up feeling so exhausted and groggy.

A lovely, old school hotel, which is perfect for visitors who want to be right in the centre of London! Check it out here 

I also actually want to thank BUMBLE who ferried me around fashion week too! Their personalised Mercedes G-Wagons were so luxurious and so cool, and they literally saved my fashion week by getting me everywhere in time! THANK YOU for making me feel like a rock star!

Photo Taken By Garcon John

Dress and Shoes: Karen Millen

Bag: Lulu Guiness

Lipstick: Always my fav Convetous Nude lipstick from Estee Lauder UK (buy here)

Dress in Main Image: Jessica Choay

Lots of Love,

xx Roxie xx


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