Beauty Product Of The Week: Lip Essentials

August 24, 2015

Lip Liner is the holy grail of my make up bag. It’s the secret behind plump lips and a perfect pout but finding the right colour is essential. I have been using lip liner for years now and a lot of people have asked what colours I use so I wanted to share all my favourite lip essentials that are on the market now. I prefer to stick to matte colours and textures, mainly because I can’t stand my hair sticking to my lips when I have a gloss on but also because it creates the illusion that you have been blessed with naturally big luscious lips rather than people just seeing you just have lots of make up on!

Top Tip: Before I start applying anything to my lips, I apply a bit of concealer or highlighter down the middle (just under the cupids bow) as this makes your lips look bigger, especially in pictures! I then start with the lip liner: when using your lip liner, follow the line of your lips the first to create the outline and careful not to go onto the skin – I know some people do this on purpose to give them a fuller look but I think it can just look a bit obvious; it’s much more chic to stick with what you’ve got! Once you’ve outlined the lips, colour in the whole lip area with your pencil and then apply a complimentary lipstick on top. Add a touch of highlighter onto the cupids bow once your done and you’re all set.

Here are my favourite lip liners and lipsticks to go with them, you can mix and match any of these colours but these are how I tend to pair them:


Diego Dalla Palma (Number 75) Buy Here also available at M&S

Complimentary Lipstick: Make Up Forever: Rouge Artist Intense (MAT 1) Buy here


MAC (Boldly Bare) Buy Here

Complimentary Lipstick: MAC (Kinda Sexy) Buy Here


Charlotte Tilbury (Pillow Talk) Buy Here

Complimentary Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury (Penelope Pink) Buy Here


Maybelline (Velvet Beige) Buy Here

Complimentary Lipstick: Rimmel x Kate Moss (Number 43) Buy Here

Lots of Love

Roxie xx

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