The “Vampire” Facial

March 27, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I was really suffering from what I like to call “The Winter Face”. You know what I mean, that grey complexion, dull and dry skin and some great big spots just to really remind you that you haven’t seen any sunshine in a while. I can’t stand looking in the mirror in the morning when I feel like that; I always head straight to my make up box to give myself as much faux glow as I can.

THEN SOMETHING AMAZING HAPPENED…! I was invited to try Dr. Rabia’s PRP facial at Grace Belgravia. The PRP facial has also been know as the “vampire facial”. I’ve seen various Instagram posts from celebrities raving about it, Kim Kardashian has put a few pictures of herself with what looks like blood on her face and I thought it seemed way over the top, a bit scary and definitely not something I would try. However, when I arrived at Dr. Rabia’s consultation room, I realised I wasn’t coming in for the type of facial I had in mind – I was going to be trying out the ‘vampire facial’ for myself, and it was THE BEST THING EVER!!

So, is it as scary as it looks? Not at all! The procedure began by Dr. Rabia taking a sample of my blood, which she they put in a fancy machine to seperate the plasma from the red blood cells (the plasma is the part that goes onto your face and is filled with all the goodness!). After this she applied a numbing cream to my face and after 10 minutes or so I couldn’t feel anything! She then used a roller with needles over the face, then applies the plasma and then needles the face again. You can’t feel a thing and it was over within 20 minutes!

As soon as I look in the mirror I saw a difference: brighter, more even and softer. But at this point you still have some plasma on your face (its completely see-through and you can’t see it, but it feels a bit tight and you’re adviced to leave it on your face for about 4 hours or longers. I washed my face before bed and when I woke up I was literally shocked. My face was SOOO shiny, it looked literally like a new face! Even my boyfriend, who usually wouldn’t notice if I cut 5 inches of my hair, commented on how different and fabulolus my skin looked! It gave me such a confidence boost and I can honestly say it is the best facial I’ve ever have!

It’s been a few weeks now since then and I am still seeing the changes in my skin – the fine lines around my eyes seem to have started to disappear and my skin generally just looks healthier.

This is a pricey treatment at £1000 – but if you reference the code ROXIE you can get a discounted price of £750. It is a lot of money for a facial BUT you only need it once/twice a year MAX and the benefits are REAL, it’s not the kind of facial that makes you feel better for a few days and then you go back to pre-facial face!


Phone: +44 (0)20 7235 8900

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