UBER: The Service We Can’t Live Without

February 25, 2014

There’s a new kid on the block for travelling around London that has got everyone talking. UBER car service requires no reservation, provides a car for every purpose, and you can even get £20 off your first UBER experience with the promotion code RAWAN.


Sounds simple doesn’t it. All you need is to download the UBER app, link your account up with a payment method and you can be on your way in a matter of minutes exploring all that London has to offer.

The best thing about UBER? There is a car for every occasion, with three levels of service to choose from. For your weekly Waitrose or Wholefoods shop, or your everyday journeys, there’s UBER X, cheaper than your everyday black cab with the additional benefit of zero waiting time. For your meetings or appointments which may require a touch of professionalism the next level up, UBER Exec, which will pick you up in cars equivalent in standard to the Mercedes E Class, is the perfect choice. Finally there’s UBER Lux and the quality speaks for itself. This service is vital for special occasions and for when turning up in a stylish car is a must. Oh, and lets not forget that all cars are provided with bottled water, and drivers who open the door for you making you feel like a true superstar. Who knew that an Audi A8 or a BMW 7 Series could be with you at the tap of a button?!


There are other benefits with UBER which sets it apart from other taxi companies as the app gives you the opportunity to review all your UBER drivers and enables you to split the fare if you’re travelling around the city with your friends. Launched in 2009, the UBER service is now available in 70 different countries which is great for all you globe trotters out there! There is no doubt that this service is taking the world by storm by making the most of our 21st century technology and creating an unbeatable amenity that once discovered, you really can’t live without.

RAWAN loves UBER and we can’t wait for you to experience it for yourselves for the first time (with your special discount). Trust us, once you go UBER you’ll never look back!

For more information visit www.uber.com and follow @uber_LDN on twitter.

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