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July 4, 2016

For me, exercising is not just about toning your body and losing a few pounds – it’s about overall wellbeing and changing how you feel. I only started to exercise a couple of years ago, before that I wouldn’t dream of stepping foot inside a gym and the most exercise I did was walking up the stairs on the tube. As a result, I was constantly lethargic, unhealthy and my immune system was so weak I was catching colds every other week. I started to do yoga as I suffered from back pain and slowly I began to introduce other types of exercise. It has completely changed my life and it makes me feel totally invigorated meaning that I am so much more productive in every other areas of my life too.IMG_8741

My passion is for overall wellbeing (rather than how many sit ups or press ups I can do!) which is why I fell in love with lifestyle and activewear brand Vaara. Vaara holds the same ethos and their gorgeous and chic workout clothes range are perfect for all types of activities from yoga, the gym, spinning and boxing. I also adore their Nepalese cashmere cardigans and indulgent jerseys which immediately soften your post workout look. One or two additional layers take you from pilates or yoga, to whatever the rest of your day has in store.

VAARA’s new website, which launched this year, also includes a ‘Wellbeing Journal’ which I am addicted to reading! It consists of nutritional advice, delicious recipes, travel recommendations, insider beauty tips as well as fitness and wellbeing advice. They describe wellbeing as ‘finding harmony in ourselves, however much life asks us to compromise’ – I just love that description of it! The Vaara Journal is a place where the pursuit of health and happiness is a process that we should learn to enjoy rather than try to perfect. It’s not a rulebook but it’s a place where you can find answers to questions, helping you to find happiness through your personal lifestyle.


Tatiana Korsokova is the founder of Vaara. Tatiana is a model and entrepaneur and her life has taken her from Moscow to Milan, from New York to London, and along the way, has taught her the importance of listening to and caring for her body & mind. Everything on Vaara is curated by Tatiana, and her vision lives in every page and product you see on the site.

Thank you Vaara for coming into my life!

Check out their website:

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