Wintour Is Coming!

September 26, 2014

I decided to miss Paris Fashion Week this season to jet off to see my mum who lives in Dubai and get some last minute sun and relaxation before the cold weather returns to England, forcing us all to come to terms with the fact that, Summer, the time of year we spend months gearing up for, is finally over.

I actually get quite excited at this time of year, mainly because I absolutely love winter dressing – boots, fur, excessive and well thought-out layering, hats…  There’s also something incredibly cosy about it: Saturday nights watching X-Factor in your onsie, and cooking your favourite soups, it’s all quite romantic.

But before that time comes, I got out my favourite 2014 summer trends in one outfit:

1) Animal Print & the Comeback of Espadrilles: Topshop

2) Slogan Tees: ‘Wintour Is Coming’ by Pret-A-Portobello

3) Tie-Dye and Denim: Zara

4) Perspex (perspex bags were big this seasons but in sunnies they’re even better!): Linda Farrow

5) Twerking: Ok so not a fashion trend, but everyone was talking about it and my Beats Wireless headphones made me feel kind of a like a rapper so…


Roxie Nafousi x

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